They say you should do what you love, right? Well, I love eating so I created The Kentucky Food Review in 2022 to share my adventures trying different restaurants in Kentucky. Most of these restaurants will be in the Lexington area but you might, from time to time, see reviews from other parts of the Commonwealth.

I hope that, while this website will offer honest opinions about the place that I visit, that I will be able to help showcase some of the incredible restaurants in Kentucky. In deciding to create this website, I found that most people showcasing food in Kentucky were simply just showing off what they were eating rather than what they thought about it.

So I hope that you find this website useful. Maybe you'll find a new favorite place to eat or start exploring different types of food. I'm excited to share this journey with you all. Be sure to follow my social media accounts below or reach out to me at contact@kyfoodreview.com.