It’s National Burger Day as I write this so I felt it was necessary to go out and try one of Lexington’s many burger joints. Located near several of the student apartment buildings on South Broadway, Bad Wolf Burger has the feel of a mix between a place where you go to get a late-night burger after a couple of beers and a more classic sit-down style restaurant.

Side of Restaurant

For fans of the show Doctor Who like me, yes your first thought was correct, this place clearly has some inspiration from the show. Inside, at the front door are two photos of Rose Tyler, the titular Bad Wolf from the show, as well as a mural of her holding a rose. I didn’t notice until I was leaving that the drive-thru was painted to look like the outside of the police box TARDIS as well. Beyond that, there isn’t much else Doctor Who kitsch but I did notice some Victorian/Steam-Punk-inspired wall decorations.

As much as that would make this place seem like a theme restaurant with plenty of puns on their menu, they keep their menu pretty straightforward with most of their burgers simply named after whatever makes each one unique.

I decided to order their Barbeque Burger ($7.49) with an order of Cajun-style fries ($3.99) and a soda ($2.99).

Burger and Fries

The Barbeque Burger is served with a slice of aged Cheddar cheese, smoked BBQ sauce, and topped with fried onion straws on a toasted bun. The burger itself was juicy and slightly above medium well with a hint of pink. I would have liked a little bit more char on the outside, which I think added more texture and flavor but the burger was good all-in-all. The cheese was a nice slice which meant that while it didn’t completely melt like a slice of American cheese might it still coated the top of the burger patty well and added a nice nutty flavor which worked well with the rest of the ingredients. The BBQ sauce was thick and sweet with a bit of tang which gave a good contrast to the richness of the burger and cheese. Finally, the fried onion straws gave a nice crunch to the burger without being overwhelming like a stack of onion rings. A slightly messy burger, as most with sauces can be, it hit the spot but I feel like maybe it could have used more toppings like some bbq meat or bacon. (6.5/10)

The fries were excellent. Cut with the peel on and fried long enough to be crunchy but not soggy. Ordering them Cajun style gets them tossed in a seasoning that seemed to be a mixture of probably salt, pepper, Lawry’s seasoning salt, and some other spices. Very similar in style to Five Guys’ Cajun Style fries. (7/10)

Bad Wolf Burgers seems like a place that does one thing and does it well. The list of burgers isn’t extensive but varied enough that you can get a good meal each time you come. While I only had one burger so far, just from looking at their menu, I know that I will be coming back to give more of their menu a try and I recommend you give them a try too.